AUN Communicator provide you with these services.

Online Chat
100% Private and Secure chat.
  Online and offline instant messages.
  Online and offline voice communicating.
  Online and offline video communicating.

Online Rooms
Free voice and video chat rooms.
  Free conference rooms.
  Free TV and Radio rooms.
  Free education rooms.

Online Business
Build your online business in your subscribed room.
Build your business web site with our professional team.
  Advertise with us and improve your marketplace.
  Learn how to manage your online business from our instructors.
  Learn about stock exchange from our instructors.

Choose your favorites skins from a large number of skins.
Create your own skin which reflect your personality.
  Join first skins competition on the internet.
  Create your professional skin and sell it to others through AUN Communicator web site.

AUN Communicator provide more options for subscribed users.
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