AUN Communicator is a part of Net@Net company.

We, Net@Net, a company that was established by the end of 2003. As we studied the business needs of the Egyptian and Middle East customers for a long time and through the experience of our founders, it was obvious enough that a single organization, capable of satisfying all the IT needs of the customer, is something highly demanded. That's why Net@Net have several different departments all of them are eager to fulfill all your technological needs and play its remarkable role in making your daily business life a lot simpler.

AUN Communicator way
AUN Communicator Way and AUN Communicator Team are our unique and complementary business approaches specifically designed to give our clients a strategic competitive advantage in their marketplace. Our methods are proven, not theory!
AUN Communicator Way is our philosophy of hiring the best people possible into a creative environment in order to exceed client expectations on the delivery of quality services and solutions. We believe in hiring, the "best of the best" personnel and training them in our philosophy and methodology of providing world-class service and solutions to our clients. Our company environment is professional, challenging, rewarding, creative and respectful of ideas and individuals - all key factors to successfully deliver services and solutions to our clients.
AUN Communicator team provides our clients the best strategic technology resources required to successfully give the right help. These highly skilled and cost effective resources are trained in The AUN Communicator Way to rapidly deliver quality solutions that make our clients more happy and have more fun.

Our Mission
To continuously deliver value to our clients by working harder, faster and smarter to deliver high quality services and solutions utilizing our proven technology delivery model.
To be flexible to our client's changing needs, requirements and deadlines.
To deliver superior services and solutions to our clients on time.
To provide technology business solutions for clients, not just bodies for projects.
To make doing business with Net@Net as easy as possible for our clients.
Welcome to AUN Communicator
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