The first free Cross-Platform Communicator
You are tired of other chat program spying on your privacy?
It's very simple AUN Communicator 100% private and secure.

Why AUN Communicator

AUN stands for All You Need, in other words this program is made for people like you, to satisfy and meet all your needs on the internet in one chat program which is provided with 100% security ,privacy to please you.
Moreover, this program is made for you to meet new people in different parts of the world and educating yourself on different cultures.

AUN Communicator Development

To answer this you need to know the development stages and deployment of the Program from the start
Alpha Layer:
Is the initial phase in which programmers start to type AUN Communicator codes.
Closed Alpha Layer:
In this phase we start to test AUN Communicator within the company. At this stage, we make sure the Communication speed and carrying capacity is ok.
Closed Beta Layer:
In this phase we allow for a limited number of users to test AUN Communicator and try to explore the errors in it.
Beta Layer:
In this phase the registration will be open to all. Any users will be more then welcome to give their suggestions for the Administration.
Business Layer:
In this phase the company AUN Communicator begins as a business investment and reap the real profit from it.

AUN Communicator now in Closed Alpha layer and soon will reach the closed Beta if you want to be part of our Beta testing please click on "Be Part of our Community" and let us know.
You are welcome any time to leave your suggestions by clicking on "Contact us".
Thank you for being part of us.
Welcome to AUN Communicator
We are in the developing stage for now Please feel free,to visit the site often to see the progress
Thank you for visiting us!

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